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Batman: L64/A3 —&— L80/3


This set contains no original artwork, simply re-using two existing Super Action Heroes sets: "Look Out, Gotham! The Joker's Back in Town!" (GK173/5, 1974) & "Gold Diggers of Gotham City" (GK245/2, 1977).

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A copy of this set sold at auction two days ago for £40, but I didn't bid on it once I'd realised the price was going to soar. So instead of a nice, brand-new transfer sheet scan, you will have to settle for StellarX' original scan from his antique hard-drive, made many years ago before there even was an

Which is why the transfer sheet background is white.

What's more, the background above isn't even scanned from StellarX' set! THAT scan appears below, for the record; & you can plainly see that it is in a seriously-used condition. Instead, the unused background you see above — because you deserve to see unused, if we can provide it — is a carefully-crafted concatenation of the two Batman Super Action transfers sets.

Now, you might think that would be an easy job, but I can assure you it was not; Letraset, in their haste, did many strange things when putting the two backgrounds together, which could not easily be replicated. However, no effort is too great for our faithful visitors.

And I can assure you that the simulated likeness is pixel-perfect.

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Picture Credit: StellarX — 7 Wonders — The SPLAT Scan Archives