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The Full Uncut Sheet, PR82


Uncut sheets for the Rotary Gravure press at Ashford were 15" x 20" (Crown) & a common size for an individual panel was between 5" x 7" and 5" x 7.5" — meaning eight panels to a sheet. This is what you will find with Fun Doodles, Action Transfers, etc. The Veteran Cars panels, however, were printed portrait rather than landscape, & the 6 'packet' panels are 5¾" x 5¾".

There were 50 transfers in all. The Sutherlands Spread strip ran down the full length of the right-hand side (along what would normally be the bottom of the sheet). Then the horizontal strip of four, from the chart, has trim marks on the left-hand edge to indicate where the cut should be made. Which is why there were four transfers free with the chart.

So along the right-hand side you have the Sutherlands Spread transfer strip; once that has been trimmed off, you have the six panels (each of six transfers) above a strip of four transfers for inclusion in the Wall Chart.

You can see the divisions into sections in the left-hand scan, below. (N.B.: not all the panels are in exactly the right positions in this rough early sketch!)

The serial number, PR82, appears at the top left-hand corner of the sheet, above transfer No.1, the Austin 1908, from Set 1, & consequently wouldn't normally be visible. I had to use a certain amount of deductive reasoning to arrive at the correct serial, so it was gratifying when this was corroborated by Joe — whose sheet was cut slightly higher, so that he could read the number clearly.

pic pic

Sutherlands only:
— Hispano Suiza 1912 — Trojan 1912 — Perry 1916 — Adams 1908 — Knight 1895

Sutherlands & Texaco:
— Rhode 1924 — Renault 1911* — Humber 1929* — Delage 1914 — M.G. 1926

( *: "PP" = pre-printed in the Texaco Gallery book)

Texaco only (transfers):
— Stanley Steamer 1920 — Rolls-Royce 1909 — Di Dion Bouton 1903 — Bugatti 1925 — Itala 1907 — Bentley 4.5 Litre 1928 — Morris Cowley 1924 — Ford T 1919 — Alfa Romeo 1929

Texaco only (pre-printed):
— Morris 1913 — Cottin Desgouttes 1911 — Hotchkiss 1910 — Napier 1914 — SS Jaguar 1938 — Austin 1908 — D.F.P. 1913 — Armstrong Whitworth 1910 — Fiat 1913 — Aston Martin 1931

So there were three separate promotions (at least!) associated with this one sheet, PR82. With rotary gravure, it would be unusual to see very similar jobs with small differences; the additional expense of set-up & production of new gravure cylinders would have to be justified. And yet this is not the end of the story for Letraset Veteran Cars, as we shall see…

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives