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Art Sheets (Page Two of Four)

Of the twenty-five 1966 sheets shown on these pages, five sheets were kindly scanned by Keith Jenkins: AA13, AA15, AA21, AA22, & AA32. (Unfortunately, AA21 & AA22 have been partly-used; although that gives you an idea of typical use!)

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I thought you might like to know where the SPLAT Scan Archive copies of these Art sheets came from. They were sold to me by Yellow Mischief / Traggermath Productions; you will have seen their work in many places. Jen-ai Tong-Wheeler says:

"These were from a batch of original reference material supplied by Letraset in the late 1970's to our art studio when we were commissioned to redraw all their graphic image sheets."

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives (with thanks to Jen-ai Tong-Wheeler) — Keith Jenkins