PrestoMagiX "The Empire Strikes Back"

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Star Wars Activity Set


I don't know what's in this box; I can't persuade anyone to open one. It says it contains "over 30 transfers" on an 18" x 24" "Action Poster", but I don't like the look of the white borders outlining the transfer figures. That CAN'T be right. Stickers do that; transfers rarely.

Display Stand

It's a strange number, but there were seven PrestoMagiX "Empire Strikes Back" sets all of the same size. This is the display stand you would have seen in the shops:


Ice Planet Hoth

Having been informed of the correct chronological sequence of events taken from the film, I've displayed these seven sets accordingly. But only two sets were scanned here; the rest of the scans have been kindly supplied by Steve Hills via email.

The photos of the sets still sealed in their packets are by courtesy of Craig Spivey.

(The two SPLAT Scan Archives sets are Rebel Base —&— Deck of the Star Destroyer.)




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Picture Credit: the SPLAT Scan Archives, with thanks to Craig Spivey — Steve Hills