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The PR124 Mystery

Here's something of a mystery (just in case you were thinking this was all too straightforward). The serial number PR124 indicates a probable date of 1972, & the artist is clearly "B" (my favourite of the Mini-Toons artists, & in fact the great Peter Archer). But Peter's work doesn't appear in the 25-48 series of Mini-Toons, or the Groovy Doodles. Is it possible that these transfer sheets are from a lost first edition of 25-48? Or is it another promotion (PR serials normally suggest as much, of course)?

I will ask. Meanwhile, it's very intriguing…

The subject matter is pure Mini-Toons, & you can even guess that the titles of the sets these are from would have been "Seaside Humour" & "Ancient Antics".


Anyway, just to fill up the page a bit, here is a collection of pieces of paper which someone in Germany kindly sent me. It's easy to spot some of the Mini-Toons figures, but others are slightly mysterious, with hints of Robert Crumb & Richard Scarry… I'm guessing Dandy Bubble Gum with Action Transfers, but you're welcome to guess for yourself — & if you happen to recognise them, please let me know!

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives