Patterson Blick Tarzan Panorama & Shredded Wheat Promotion

First we'll look at the Panorama, & then we can review the Shredded Wheat promotion that accompanied it.

Make your own GIANT action-packed Tarzan Panorama with magic Instant Pictures in colour

Patterson Blick only ever made two transfer products of this size, both by Peter Archer; the earlier Batman Instant Pictures (Panorama), & this.

Please pardon the crease down the middle of this cover; people found it convenient to store finished Panoramas by folding them in half, so this is quite common.


Notice that according to the righthand panel, the Panorama is divided into six areas, each telling its own story. Whether you find this helpful or limiting will depend on your outlook. On the left-hand panel, eight transfer panels are depicted; this probably implies two sheets of four panels.

Since we don't have an unused Tarzan to show you, we can't display the transfers on their sheets. Instead, here are three used backgrounds to give you some idea. If you have an unused Tarzan Panorama or its transfers, please get in touch.

pic pic

This third background appears by courtesy of Mike Cosford. An interesting detail taken from it appears on the next page…


Please note (for reasons that will become apparent in a moment) that the transfers, like the Batman transfers, have been silkscreen printed in four spot colours. Whereas the Batman colours were Red, Blue, Black & White, here they are Red, Yellow, Black & White; in other words, Yellow is substituting for Blue.

Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives (with thanks to Mike Cosford)