Instant Picture Panorama No.2: Ocean Deep (K50)

Background & cover by Patrick Tilley; transfers by Frank Wheeler (Patrick Tilley Associates).

As with all of the first five Panoramas, Waddingtons eventually updated the transfers, having them reprinted in 4-spot colour; but here is the original monochrome set:

pic pic

There were two sheets of transfers with every monochrome Panorama, but only with Lunar Base & Ocean Deep were one of the sheets white. The serial number has a "W" (for "White", presumably!) added, so in this case it's "K50W".

pic pic

The job of recolouring Frank Wheeler's original monochrome artwork can't have been pleasant. Some sets were more successful than others.

Unfortunately, we can't show you sheet K50A, since we've never seen it. If you have a copy, please get in touch!

pic pic

You can see how the (as yet unknown) artist has converted the characters from the white sheet by using the simple expedient of drawing a thick black border around them…

Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives