Bedknobs & Broomsticks Panorama (GK232/4) 1976

The four GK232 Character Panoramas were printed in 1976, but all of them are reprints of earlier sets. "Jungle Book" has artwork dating from 1968, while "Walt Disney", "Aristocats" & "Bedknobs & Broomsticks" weren't quite so old.

The release dates for the relevant films were:

Jungle Book:
 — US: 18th October 1967
 — UK: 21st March (or 18th November) 1968
 — France: 11th December 1968

 — US: 11th December 1970
 — UK: 27th December 1970 (or 22nd November 1971)
 — France: 8th December 1971

Bedknobs & Broomsticks:
 — UK: 7th October 1971
 — US: 13th December 1971

Although we haven't yet seen any examples from that year, 1972 would seem to be the most likely original date for "Bedknobs".


These Panoramas were originally produced for John Waddington Ltd., but after their divorce Letraset claimed ownership of the Panorama title & format by means of these reprints.

Letraset re-used the artwork & simply eliminated any references to John Waddington Ltd.


Here's the GK232/4 sheet. You can see that the cut sheet is divided into two panes.



All four cut GK232 sheets would fit on one uncut sheet of Crown (15" x 20") — shown above in simulation; however, it's perhaps more likely that the artwork was distributed across two sheets.

Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives