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A few years ago, I said:

The Thomas Salter 1981 trade catalogue continues to display the Nature Panoramas & the Disney Panoramas, but curiously it also lists these six "Letraset Giant Panoramas" of which we've never actually seen an example in the wild. The one illustrated in their photo is "Farmyard"; we don't know the other titles, but since I was once told about a "Shopping" Panorama it may well be that they are similar themes aimed at younger children.

It looks likely that "Camping", "The Beach", "The Circus" & "Show Jumping" might make up the other titles — judging by the illustrations on the box, & previous experience of Letraset's choices of titles.

But at any rate, it's interesting that these very last Panoramas revert to such a similar format to the originals, right down to the logo & the gatefold.

Now, of course, we have more information & we can see that these "Giant Panoramas" are in fact reprints of the 1974 Waddington's Panoramas.

The actual titles are:

 — Farmyard
 — Shopping Scene
 — Circus
 — Gymkhana
 — Beach Scene
 — Dolls House


1981 was the year Letraset cast Thomas Salter adrift (although not until after this catalogue was published), so if these Panoramas continued to be sold they would probably have been republished as "Salters Action Transfers", or even simply "Action Transfers". We can only conjecture for now. Either way, by 1985 Thomas Salter were gone, & that would have been the end of Panoramas for the 20th Century.

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives