Please read the FAQ below BEFORE getting in touch.

UPDATE: it seems that due to recent changes at our host (i.e., not our fault!), the contact form that used to be on this page isn't working properly. However, you can contact us from the Facebook Action Transfers page.

If you've attempted to send a message to us from this contact form & haven't had a reply, please try again via Facebook.

I'm very sorry about this, & I do realise this isn't the perfect solution, but I'm afraid this will have to do for now.


(People often ask me what 'FAQ' stands for. GIYF.)

How to Join SPLAT:

Contact us on Facebook to send us a short message explaining why you want to join. Tip: if you include the password "stingray" in your message, that will help us & speed things up!

CONTACT: Facebook's Action Transfers Page

Picture Credit: The SPLAT Archives