Please read the FAQ below BEFORE getting in touch.


(People often ask me what 'FAQ' stands for. GIYF.)

How to Join SPLAT:

After many years of experience running a closed, private Forum & sending group emails, we came to the conclusion that the best way for people to keep in touch would be by a combination of personal emails & Facebook messages. Having tried this out over the last year or so, we've found this works so well that we've decided we no longer need a Forum — so the good news is that you don't need to apply anymore to become a member of SPLAT!

In other words, we're no longer a closed group. If you like SPLAT enough to get in touch, then you are a member!


How to Contact Action Transfers:

There are now two simple ways to contact us; using the "OUR LOVELY CONTACT FORM" link below, or via the Facebook Action Transfers page.

If you've attempted to send a message to us before, but haven't had a reply, please try again via Facebook.

Using our lovely Contact Form is very straightforward, & no doubt you may prefer this for short messages or for your initial contact, but as a security precaution it's hosted at our sister website, Triplica.com. We only mention the fact because some browsers like to tell you when you're no longer in the same domain; it's perfectly normal, you won't even notice any difference & as soon as you've sent your message you'll be back here as if you never left.

Picture Credit: The SPLAT Archives