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Universal Task-Force: included in all sets

Each of the six sets contained all two gliders (on a single sheet) & an iron-on t-shirt patch..


To see a larger version of these gliders in a new window: Gliders (please close window after viewing).

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These were not the only iron-on transfers Letraset ever produced, but they didn't print many! I've shown it in reverse as well, for ease of reading.

The Thomas Salter Versions

The earlier sets are more common, but Thomas Salter released their own variants for the UK market later on. They appear in their 1981 trade catalogue, but are dated 1982.


These three photos (courtesy of Raed Ammari) show a different display box, for 18 sets rather than 24 — Stock No.9024. Instead of advertising six titles, a sticker has been placed over the "Rub Down Action Transfers" logo on the box front to read "Three Fantastic Titles". Only 'Lasers', 'Friends of Fire' & 'Robot Revolt' were available — for some reason. This could have been due to depleted stocks, or perhaps more likely, to International censorship. This display box came from a toy shop in Jordan.

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As a special treat for buyers of the later version, this included market research questionnaire brought the opportunity to nab some Thomas Salter Phazers at a bargain price.

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It's so good, I might have to reuse this questionnaire online for the use of visitors to this site. With expanded options, of course.

You can see the Thomas Salter variant covers on the 'Friends of Fire' page, & the transfer sheet variants on the 'Robot Revolt' page. There's even a little bonus on the sheets which got me terribly excited…

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives (with thanks to Raed Ammari & Andreas Wright)